Box Insurance understands the importance of complete and well-previewed submissions to its surety partners.

We review all information closely and provide post-review consultation on surety selection consideration prior to making presentation for bonding credit. An initial application for bonding will allow surety to run credit and background reports, the first step in the underwriting process.

  • CONTRACTOR’S QUESTIONNAIRE. Fully completed and signed Questionnaire or equivalent application.
  • The most recent Fiscal Year-End Financial Statement preferably published by a construction oriented CPA.
    We’ve partnered with several in Texas should you need assistance with this.
  • Two prior Fiscal Year-End Financial Statements, if you’ve been in business long enough.
  • Most recent Company Tax Return.
  • PERSONAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT(S) on all Owners and spouses.
  • BANK REFERENCE LETTER. Box form or equivalent. Complete information in top portion of form and send
    to your banker for completion of remaining section.
  • Resumes on the owners, officers and key personnel.
  • WORK-IN-PROGRESS SCHEDULE. Box schedule or same information on a spreadsheet or report generated from your cost accounting system.
  • Insurance Certificate. Evidence of all current coverage’s that are in-place. Can pull from recent job file, simply need to provide evidence of common contract coverages.

Bonding is a relationship business built on trust and transparency, therefore we believe in doing business with folks we meet face to face. Call 817-865-1818 to schedule a convenient time to meet with a Box Insurance surety specialist. We value your interest in partnering with the BOX INSURANCE AGENCY Team.

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