Workplace Safety

With over 100 employees performing heavy construction work, our client began to experience a high frequency of employee injuries, especially late into the summer over a period of three years. Their experience modifier (EMR) went up to 1.5. Furthermore, our client was getting a bad reputation with General Contractors and employee morale started to decline.

We partnered with our client to reset the culture and show the employees that we cared about their well-being. We helped design and implement a cultural shift in how the company thought about safety. We setup clear objectives for safety and a goal to see the EMR drop to below .90. Our solutions included a contract Safety Director, Insurance Company Safety Consultants, Safety Committee, Jobsite Inspections, a Measurement of Near Misses, Rewards for Crews, and many other adjustments.

Employee injuries went down by 90%, which greatly boosted morale. The EMR went down to .80. Finally, our client’s workers compensation premium was reduced by 70%, from $300,000 to under $100,000 a year!