Box Insurance Agency specializes in providing bonds specifically associated to the construction industry.

These bonds are generally referred to as “Contract” bonds and are typically defined as Bid, Performance, Payment and Maintenance bonds. With over 80 years combined experience dedicated exclusively to Contract Surety, our team of seasoned professionals provide the risk management expertise designed to assist any size contractor with their bonding needs.

  • STEVEN LEWIS, Vice President
  • BRAD JOHNSON, Account Executive
  • CRYSTAL LANGHORN, Operations Manager
  • KIM BRACAMONTE, Support Account Manager
  • BID BONDS are submitted with contractor’s bid proposal and is for the benefit of the owner/general contractor.
  • PERFORMANCE BONDS are for the protection of the owner/general contractor.
  • PAYMENT BONDS are for the protection of the project creditors.
  • MAINTENANCE BONDS are issued for the protection of the owner.
  • SUPPLY BONDS guarantee the performance (delivery) of a contract for furnishing supplies and materials by a specified time period.
  • LICENSE AND PERMIT BONDS are required by state law, municipal ordinance, or local regulation as a condition precedent to the granting of a license to engage in a particular business or the granting of a permit to exercise a specific privilege.

My company was experiencing significant growth installing residential water service when seemingly overnight the utility market became saturated with cheap prices creating a void in new contract executions.  We had to make a strategic change quickly.  The construction bond experts at Box Insurance more than doubled our bidding capacity enabling pursuit of larger jobs in a less crowded field.  We will continue to bring clean water to the homes of our neighbors in the DFW metroplex.  35 years under our belts, looking forward to doubling that too.  Thank you Box Insurance, a true business partner when times get tough!

R. Gomez, Gomez Bros Construction

Apply for Credit

We understand the importance of complete and well-previewed submissions to its surety partners. We review all information closely and provide post-review consultation on surety selection consideration prior to making presentation for bonding credit. An initial application for bonding will allow surety to run credit and background reports, the first step in the underwriting process. review the APPLY FOR CREDIT CHECKLIST GO!


Download and complete top portion of Bond Request Worksheet and then fill in the corresponding sections that apply to specific bond coverage you are needing. Submit the Bond Request Worksheet in addition to the items highlighted in applicable bond coverage section to BOND REQUEST FORM GO!

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