We are passionate about protecting Oil & Gas Service Contractors. We have implementED best-in-class risk management and insurance PROGRAMS FOR EFFICIENT AND EASY OPERATION.

Box Insurance offers extensive knowledge of the energy industry, a broad range of carriers to choose from and a team that specializes in reviewing MSA Insurance requirements. To protect your company and get you on the jobsite, we review your MSAs to be certain that your coverage is in compliance.

  • Travelers Oil & Gas
  • Hartford Oil & Gas
  • Bitco Insurance Co.
  • Liberty Mutual Oil & Gas
  • HIIG Oil & Gas Group
  • Texas Mutual

• Equipment Rental
• Pipeline Contractors
• Electrical Contractors

• Well Servicing Companies
• Oil & Gas Manufacturing
• Flow Back Services
• Workovers

• Site Prep Contractors
• Rig/Derrick Moving
• Erection and Dismantling
• Wireline Services

• Roustabouts
• Remediation Services
• And More…

“Box’s knowledge of MSAs and ISNetworld alone is a good reason to choose them. Their attention to detail and industry specific insurance knowledge is crucial in such a fast changing & complex industry.”

Joe Lassiter, CFO of DD Fluids

Box Gets You on the Job

MSA Review: Our team has reviewed hundreds of MSAs and are experts in designing insurance programs that comply with almost all MSAs. We will also work directly with the risk manager for the operator to resolve all insurance differences.

ISNetworld Experts: We work directly with ISNetworld to ensure you do not get bogged down with the insurance compliance portion of being an approved contractor.

Tools for Ease of Use

Web-Based Tools: We provide the ability to issue a Certificate of Insurance or pull up an Auto ID card in real time on your mobile device or a desktop.

Cash Flow Control Tools: Say goodbye to nasty audits with monthly-reporting-based billing programs for General Liability and Worker’s Compensation policies.