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Utility Contractor Workers’ Comp


A Utility Contractor, with over 120 employees, came to Box with high losses and a Work Comp Experience Modifier (EMR) over 1.5. This resulted in insurance premiums 40% higher than the standard for their industry (additional costs of $250,000 in dollar value). The EMR impacts a company for 3 consecutive years so reducing the EMR was not a quick fix.


Box Insurance worked with the contractor to develop a focus on safety. Understanding the cultural and financial costs of workplace injures, we worked with company leadership to create a culture of safety. We helped implement a broad program utilizing wide-ranging tools and methods, including employee incentives, a robust return-to-work program, and light-duty alternatives. With the emphasis on safety, they were able to reduce the frequency and severity of workplace injuries.


After 3 years of hard work, the client’s EMR has averaged 0.80 for the past 4 years. Under the safety program, Box was able to deliver premiums that were 25% below the market average. The below market pricing provided an initial savings of over $300,000 per year from what the company was originally paying. Because of the comprehensive, sustainable program, those savings have compounded over the past 4 years, resulting in total savings well over $1,000,000.


• 2012 EMR: 1.53 • 2012 Premium: $365,000 • 2019 EMR: 0.75 • 2019 Premium: $80,300 *Payroll increased from $6,900,000 to $10,300,000 from 2012 to 2019


• 2012 Total Premium: $818,000 • 2019 Total Premium: $427,000

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