Private Client Solutions all in one box

We have developed an exclusive service for our business owners to assist them in designing and executing an insurance program to protect their personal net worth. Our Experience 360º ProtectionSM interview is designed to help us understand your personal assets and life in such a way that we can recommend the appropriate insurance. We will then go to market with our Private Client insurance carriers to fulfill your tailored plan at the best price. Finally, your field agent will personally present our solutions to make sure your family and personal net worth are protected the right way. After all, you have worked decades to earn what you have, don’t lose it all over $500 savings.

  • Travelers Oil & Gas
  • Liberty Mutual Oil & Gas Program
  • Hartford Oil & Gas
  • HIIG Oil & Gas Group
  • Bitco Insurance Co.
  • Texas Mutual
  • Additional Carriers

Financial Security for the Unexpected
• Optional non-profit Directors and Officers coverage up to $1 million available
• Optional Limited Employer Liability Protection (EPLI) coverage with limits of $250,000 or $500,000 is available
• Crisis management coverage up to $250,000 for mitigation of potential damages or injury to your reputation caused by wrongful employment act or occurrence

Unlimited Replacement Cost for Home
• Unlimited coverage for costs to rebuild to building ordinance and law upgrades
• Our valuation experts will help develop an accurate insurance value for your home
• Loss of use coverage for the reasonable amount of time required to restore your home
• Unlimited debris removal, and up to $5,000 in coverage for trees fallen due to windstorm, hail or snow

Condo/2nd Home/Rental Home Inclusion
• Optional protection is also available for your antique or classic cars, RVs, motor homes, trailers, campers or snowmobiles

Travel Insurance
• Emergency medical assistance
• Financial, legal and communication assistance
• Emergency cash advance
• Emergency message relay
• Locating lost or stolen items
• Legal assistance/bail
• Interpretation or translation
• Pre-trip information

Concierge Claim Service
• Easy access for claims reporting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
• A Reliable and fair assessment of your claim
• Dedicated, competent and caring claims professionals who will communicate and work with you every step of the claims process

Identity Theft
• Identity theft and fraud expense coverage up to $100,000
• Data restoration coverage up to $25,000 for expenses incurred to replace or recreate lost personal data stored on a personal computer or mobile computing device you own or lease

arrow  Box Gets you on the Job

MSA Review: Our team has reviewed hundreds of MSAs and are experts in designing insurance programs that comply with almost all MSAs. We will also work directly with the risk manager for the operator to resolve all insurance differences.

ISNet World Experts: We work directly with ISNet world to ensure you do not get bogged down with the insurance compliance portion of being an approved contractor.


We have developed a very broad and unique insurance company offering to provide access to the best the market has to offer. We’re in a position to offer you a broad range of options for your insurance.

arrow  Tools for Ease of use

Web-Based Tools: We provide the ability to issue a Certificate of Insurance, or pull up an Auto ID
card in real time on your mobile device or a desktop.

Cash Flow Control Tools: Say goodbye to nasty audits with monthly-reporting-based billing programs for General Liability and Workers Compensation policies.