About This Project

Heavy Construction, $50 million revenue with 100 plus employees.


Experiencing high frequency of employee injuries both severe and small. Low employee morale, 1.5 experience modifier, undesirable risk for insurance companies.


Box lead key meetings and included safety consultants along with insurance company loss control experts and developed safety council made up of employees from all areas of businesses. Rewards and consequences were developed; better training was established, and near misses were measured via jobsite inspections rather than just “incidents”. Messaging to the employees was centered around their inherent value as people and their worth to company and their families as a premise for safety.


Morale went way up, injuries went way down, and the Experience Modifier went to .80. Workers Compensation Premium went from over $300,000 to under $100,000 or a 70% reduction in rate.


“Box helped us see that safety matters because people matter and it also helps the bottom line!”

Case Studies