About This Project

Manufacturer between $50 million and $100 million in revenue with over 200 employees.


Client had multiple locations with no guidelines or policy around subcontractors and repair services (ie a contractor working on their machines or building) carrying the right insurance policies before coming on site.


Box worked with the client to develop a service provider contract for all regular service and repair contractors to work under. Box consulted heavily on the insurance section of such contractor. Box also developed a simple and effective review and tracking process of the contractors’ certificates of insurance. Box then trained client on how to review and approve contractors.


Two years after implanting the above solutions, a roofing contractor’s employee fell through a sky light 25’ onto the concrete floor. Because the above program was in place, the contractor had been held accountable to having the appropriate insurance in place. The injured person had workers compensation benefits and was able to get all the necessary medical attention without having to sue anyone. Our client was protected properly from any possible threats via a solid contract and insurance policies carried by the roofing contractor. What could have been a disaster for the business, was averted.

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